About Ellie Rae

Want to get to know more about Ellie Rae and how we came to be?

Ellie Rae began in 2018, originally "Miss Rae".

We used to sell wholesale jewellery and makeup at local markets, but after awhile knew we wanted to venture in to more handmade items.

I (Elisha) was brought up in a very crafty family, always scrapbooking, beading, weaving and basically ANY craft I could get my hands on!

When I was younger, my grandma gave me her old sewing machine and taught me how to sew. 

The first handmade products I started selling was scrunchies, and as I got the hang of it I ventured in to polymer clay, then wire wrapping, and now I dont know where to stop! What ever craft im enjoying, I make and add to my store!

Ellie Rae is a nickname my Grandma has called me ever since I was little. It comes from Elisha Rae, my actual name, and a character on a TV show she used to watch. I opened my store a few months after she passed away, so it was fitting that I named my business after the woman who help me get started.

Even today, Ellie Rae is a very family orientated business.

My mum still helps me make and sell a lot of my products and attend nearly all of my markets to help me set up and sell everything. She taught me several new mediums like crochet and beading, and she helps made so many decisions like colours, sales and designs. I've even managed to convince my Dad to come to a few and assist!

If you ever come to a market of ours, be sure to say hello! 

We appreciate every single one of our customers for helping us get closer and closer to a dream of running our shop full time, and eventually opening up a store where we can share handmade creations from serval Aussie businesses!


If you have any questions, or need to get in contact, feel free to send us an email at ellierae.info@gmail.com

  • Kelly

    "Ellie Rae earrings are the freaking BEST! I love them so much, they suit my personality and the COMPLIMENTS I get are insane! People love them!

    Get a pair, you'll love them and thank me later! "

  • Beth

    "Saying I love my order is an UNDERSTATEMENT, I absolutely love everything and thank you for my free hair clip!"

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  • Add Yours!

    Message me on social media or via email with your testamonial and pictures to be featured!